Schooling Scali: 5 Tips On How To Treat The 'Are You The One?' Ladies (And Every Other Lady)


Some guys need a little guidance on how to woo the ladies, namely, unabashed player-boy Chris Scali. The smooth-talking New Yorker has already pissed off two girls (Paige and Jacy) in the "Are You the One?" house, and we'd hate to see that number increase with only one episode left to go. Maybe, just maybe, the Brooklyn native can actually keep his perfect match once he finds her...with a little schooling, of course.

In the words of Jacy, "[Scali needs] to learn how to treat a woman." Take notes, guys Scali, 'cause we're about to offer up a few valuable lessons in dating etiquette.

ALWAYS be a gentleman. Take it from us — chivalry is not dead. When you're snuba-diving (no, that's not a typo) off the coast of Hawaii, don't leave your girl behind. Doesn't matter if you call yourself Scuba Scali or you're worried about turtles tasting your testicles, make sure she gets safely back to shore. (In Jacy's case, Adam was luckily there to pick up Scali's selfish pieces and ensure she didn't slip on any rocks.) A few other moves of note: Push out your date's chair. Open her door. MAKE HER FEEL SPECIAL. Duh.

LISTEN when she's trying to communicate with you. It's tough enough as it is to discuss an issue with someone you care about; don't make the situation worse by laughing at your lady when she's just trying to talk to you. And don't mock her, either. (See above video as example.)

When you're into a girl, DON'T DATE HER FRIENDS. This is a surefire way to get blacklisted by both your chick and her posse. When Scali took Kayla on a date in order to make Paige jealous, it worked for about five minutes, but ultimately, the move backfired.

Be REAL and HONEST. The cool-guy act can only get you so far with a girl -- eventually she'll see right through your bulls**t. Let down your guard and open your heart — it's the only way to truly enjoy a lasting relationship with your perfect match.


Welllll, actually...

Show some RESPECT, will ya? We seriously thought Scali had turned over a new leaf with Jacy. He even once admitted he respected her, saying, "I’m not gonna treat her like I treated Paige." My, how quickly one forgets. Hey, we know you've got it in ya, Scali!

+ Can Scali change his ways with one episode left? Find out tonight during the season finale of "Are You the One?" at 11/10c!