Dre And Ashleigh Explain How They Avoided 'Are You The One?' Drama [Video]


Between a battle over bed space on the very first "Are You the One?" episode and an argument that saw JJ strip off his mic and hurl it at a window, the show's 20 singles have proven they don't always play nice. Somehow, though, not-perfect matches Dre and Ashleigh have managed to keep their cool (...for the most part), and in this exclusive interview clip, they explain that staying out of drama can be as simple as being too exhausted to care.

"We had so many fights in that house, after a while I'm like 'S**t, shut up and lay down,'" Ashleigh says, thinking back on some of the game's more memorable blowups (*cough* Shanley's Truth Booth explosion, *cough*). "Like, drink or eat or something. Go get in the pool." Dre adds that "[making] the house fun" was his priority in Hawaii, and even though it led to a bit of bickering with Ryan, who wasn't so fond of Dre's journal-prank, it helped him sidestep most of the squabbling.

Still, Ashleigh admits there were times when she couldn't stop her waterworks at the source, and that when she saw people struggling, it triggered her emotional bone. "If something's hurting them, or someone's hurting them, it hurts me too," she confesses.

Check out the clip, and stay tuned for the show's season finale tonight at 11/10c to see if the cast can take home love and a cool $1 million!

Photo: Mario Perez