Kate Argent Returns To 'Teen Wolf'! But, Uhh, WTF Is She?


Since Season 1 of "Teen Wolf," poor Chris Argent has lost a sister, a wife and, last week, his heroic daughter, Allison. It goes without saying that the Silver ladies must have had some sort of curse cast upon their name, but on tonight's episode, the most belligerent among them refused to stay down, and clawed her way back from the dead. Just when it seemed like Beacon Hills could rest easy for a moment, Kate popped up, her fangs lengthened and her skin turned blue.

After Scott, Kira and Isaac finally defeated the dreaded Nogitsune, and trapped its remains in a box constructed with the Nemeton's wood, Derek began to tell Stiles about a dream he had in which a group of gangsters pressed him for information regarding a she-wolf. As if her ears were burning, Kate burst into his loft seconds later, tore the guys down to size and shot a bullet through Derek's gut. Soon, Derek realized the slaughter wasn't a dream, and as he fell to his knees in agony, Kate left him with this: "If seeing me is a surprise, watch this."

Then, she became a creature that would reduce the Boogeyman to a blubbering mess.

At some point during Kate's return, Derek remembered that if a werewolf's scratch tears deep enough into its victim's flesh (like the one Peter Hale left in Kate's neck), it can have the very same effects as a bite. Clearly, though, Kate is no werewolf, so the question is, WTF IS SHE? Sound off on the final episode of the season, and give us your best guesses!