Tyler Posey Reveals The Most Personal 'Teen Wolf' Scene He's Ever Filmed [Video]


For Tyler Posey, filming the "Teen Wolf" scene in which his first true love, Allison Argent, dies in his arms was a moving experience, but it was actually a moment from the following week's episode -- tonight's Season 3 finale -- that hit home more than any other during his time playing Scott McCall.

Tyler, who's normally 100 percent jokester when discussing his awesome MTV gig (and anything else, really), put on a more serious face with us recently when we asked him to recall his most challenging shoot day. "There's a scene with me and Melissa [Ponzio], Scott's mom, and Scott is devastated from the news about Allison, and she's comforting him," he begins in the exclusive interview clip below. After sharing a bit about his "natural" acting process, Tyler explains why this scene in particular truly touched a nerve, and prompted him to channel his own personal demons. "My mom is going through some stuff right now, and I was thinking about that, and it kind of put me in this place in my head where I was sad. It was just weird," he tells us. "I don't like to think about it, but I kind of forced myself to." And pushing himself paid off. The moment was full of authentic, raw emotion, and looking back, Tyler recalls that it was also therapeutic.

"I think once you face things like that, it helps you kind of accept it and go along with it," he says, "and at the same time it's really rewarding. If you really felt like you did a good job, it instills faith in you that you can actually pull this career off."

Check out the video for more from Tyler on his intense filming experience, and tell us what you thought of the scene!