Snooki Doesn't Dress Son Lorenzo In 'Nice' Clothes Because He's Just A Kid…DUH!

Snooki shops with Lorenzo

Lorenzo tags along on one of his mom's shopping trips.

One-year-old Lorenzo LaValle might be his mom's favorite new shopping buddy, as illustrated by the above in-store selfie taken by Nicole Polizzi, but that doesn't mean the "Snooki & JWOWW" star is ready to dress the tot in head-to-toe designer duds. After all, he is exactly that: a kid!

Apparently, Internet busybodies are slipping Snooki some shade about not seeing her little man wearing more labels, and, even though the comments don't really dignify a response (other than "BUTT OUT!"), the guidette recently took to her Instagram to explain why Lorenzo won't be modeling much Louis Vuitton any time soon.

Alongside the caption, "I'm just sayin," Nicole posted the below response to followers who are itching for her baby to turn into a tiny fashionisto.

Snooki clothes for son
No argument here. In fact, aren't you kinda jealous of the little guy? Wouldn't everyone be happier if we got to sport slippers and onesies to the office?

Photo: Snooki's Instagram