Rihanna Uses Infamous 'Teen Mom 2' Scene To Plug Concert Tour -- See The Genius Mashup!

Rihanna in concert at Hiram Bithorn stadium in San Juan Puerto Rico

Let it be said that Rihanna is not just a mesmerizing performer and fashion trendsetter -- she's also a marketing genius. On Saturday, the pop star playfully posted a "Teen Mom 2" clip from 2012 to Instagram to help promote her upcoming "Monster Tour" with Eminem, and, well, consider awareness raised.

Fans of "TM2" should easily recall the Season 3 scene RiRi uploaded, in which Jenelle Evans considers risking more jail time so she can attend a Kesha (né Ke$ha) concert. The video immediately stirred up a ton of controversy when we originally released it as an episode sneak peek, but the singer's new version has a special twist at the end.

In BadGalRiRi's Instavid below, Jenelle is distraught after her lawyer tells her she may have to miss the Kesha show. “That’s why I got all these feathers in my hair,” she says. “I bought clothes for the concert. I set up hotel rooms for the concert. It’s not just a concert it’s…” Cut to a full-screen graphic of Kesha's Rihanna's name, underscored by a booming male voice shouting it. "the. monstER. tour. #NEWYORK #LOSANGELES#THEDETROIT be like......... @eminem," the caption reads.

Pretty sneaky, sis.

Naturally, Jenelle was thrilled by the MAY-JOR shout-out, and immediately RT'd it. After all, she'd already accepted responsibility for her silly reaction when confronted by Dr. Drew in 2013, and laughs at the situation now.

The "Monster Tour" will only hit three cities -- New York, Los Angeles and Detroit -- in August. However, there's still time to add a fourth location! RIHANNA, how's about a quick pit stop in Myrtle Beach so Jenelle can finally put her hair feathers to good use?

+ Re-watch the full scene of Jenelle freaking out over missing the Kesha concert, and check out an all-new episode of "Teen Mom 2" this Tuesday at 10/9c.

Photo: Photopress PR/Splash News