Please Enjoy This VIP Pass Inside The 'Are You The One?' Honeymoon Suites [Video]


Three down, only seven to go! We've missed seeing Dillan, Coleysia, Chris and Paige around the palatial "Are You the One?" pad, and we'll soon be mourning the absence of Kayla and Wes. We're dying to know — what are their lives like away from the other housemates? What do they do? What do they talk about? And most importantly, ARE THEY GETTING ALONG?

Judging from this unseen footage from the Honeymoon Suites, the trio of perfect matches appear to be getting along swimmingly (literally) on the Hawaiian shores. Dillan and Coleysia continue to bask in their blissful love bubble, a far cry from the first episode in which the two were awkwardly paired up by default. "I have no problem being with her. I don't really have a choice," Dillan said. "DAYUM!" we replied. Now it's all kisses, hugs, more kisses and probably several "Sorry I was such a jerkface" sweet nothings.

Chris T. seems to be making the best of his situation with Paige, playfully offering piggyback rides and fruity drinks to the blonde bombshell while silently crying on the inside for his long-lost love, Shanley. While most of you think Chris should give up his Chranley dreams and give Paige a chance, these two appear to be little more than best buds. Sigh.

And finally, not-quite-newlyweds Wes and Kayla appear to have no qualms about adjusting to life away from the group — and all of the drama that comes with it. Now that Kayla has her love triangle sorted out, Ryan (and his journals) are merely a distant memory.

Check out our "Honeymooners" montage, and make sure to catch the "Are You the One?" finale Tuesday night at 11/10c to see if the rest of the cast members find their perfect matches and win the cash prize!