That's What You Said...About Whether Leah And Jeremy Of 'Teen Mom 2' Need Marriage Counseling

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If a husband and wife find themselves at odds, and they're not sure how to move forward, therapy is available to open up the lines of communication, but do Leah and Jeremy of "Teen Mom 2" need it? After this week's episode, in which Leah pressed Jeremy to see a marriage counselor (and was slapped by a slice of bacon in the process), viewers were almost exactly split in our poll.

Comments on the debate -- which flooded the MTV Shows Blog and Facebook -- were equally split: Some fans of the show said Leah needed to appreciate Jeremy's work and back off, others said he could benefit from a lesson in how to open up more. Have a look at some of the different opinions, and be sure to add your own two cents to the conversation.

"Whether it's him or her that needs counseling, wouldn't Jeremy be a loving husband if he went for her? I'm pretty sure she wasn't saying that it was HIM who needed it, but THEM." -- funiculargoats

"I don't think they need counseling. I think Leah is being selfish, as Jeremy is trying to work to provide for their family." -- Nicole M.

"Leah is not complaining. She is sharing her point of view and struggles with being alone with kids while her husband is away. She acknowledged that he needs to work. All she was asking for was understanding and communication." -- Ashlee

"She met him with the same job schedule he has now. Why make the choice to get pregnant with someone who you know will always be out of town and then blame him after?" -- Cristy P.

"She might be stressed, but if all she does is complain about him leaving for work, she is going to stress him out. She needs to be happy and count her blessings that her husband loves her and the children." -- Velma V.

"I think they could use some effective communication skills training, which could be obtained through counseling." -- Sarah B.

Photo: Michele Crowe