'Teen Wolf' Fans Honor Allison Argent With Arrow Tattoos


Allison Argent loyalists express their respect for the fallen hero.

Wakes, funerals and the Shiva period are some ways modern cultures honor those who have died, but in the world of "Teen Wolf," fans have made celebrating the life of Allison Argent an even more personal affair.

From the moment Allison took her last breath after an Oni thrust its sword through the archer's torso, show devotees have been Instagramming pics of their wrists and hands inked with imagery of arrows, and while some illustrations are simple and understated, others include additional drawings and written sentiments. A handful of the temporary tattoos that have fallen under the #GoodbyeAllison umbrella are even spelled out in foreign languages, demonstrating how far-reaching the high school hero's legacy has extended.

"Teen Wolf" viewers may never get the opportunity to attend a service in honor of Allison (at least beyond her virtual memorial), but those who are loyal to Beacon Hills have found true solidarity in their symbols of respect and hope. See some here, search #GoodbyeAllison on Instagram for more and be sure to upload your own if you're feeling inspired. It's never too late to show that you're still keeping A.A. in your thoughts.

Instagram photos: @Kim_Loves_Books, @Weston_Hays10, @LoseYourFreakingMind, @BetaStyle, @GracieStaysGldn, @Miindfuuuck, @TomSDaley, @ItsJacky, @TeenWolf_Hale_Yeah, @ashleyyshan, @beyza_erturk, @TheLoveOfTeenWolf