'Teen Mom 2' Bonus Scene: Nathan And Jace Do Some Male Bonding At The Beach


Jenelle Evans' life has been one massive uphill battle ever since we met her on "16 and Pregnant." Between her issues with Jace's dad, Andrew, and various other bad-boy exes, her (still) tumultuous relationship with her mom, Barbara, her heroin addiction and a failed marriage, everyone wondered if Jenelle would ever find peace -- and a partner who would love her unconditionally.

Enter Nathan Griffith, the "Teen Mom 2" cast member's newest boyfriend, who seems to be just what the love doctor ordered. Sure, the two have their challenges -- mainly involving the fact that Barbara insists he's a moocher -- but they seem to be soldiering through the drama with their heads held high.

On last week's episode, after a huge blowup with Barb, Nathan apologized to Jenelle's mom for his rude comments, and she begrudgingly accepted, even letting him give her a hug and shower her with kisses despite looking a smidge terrified by the sudden outpouring of affection. Let's all hope this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship…or at least one that doesn't involve screaming.

In this bonus scene from the episode, we see just how devoted Nathan is to Jenelle when the two of them hit the beach with little Jace, who's too scared to go on the water slide by himself. While laying out on beach chairs, the lovey-dovey duo try and convince the toddler it'll be fun, and Nathan even offers to go with him.

"Show everybody you're not scared," Jenelle says, encouragingly. "You can do it," Nathan adds. "I'll keep you safe!"

Eventually, Jace gives in, and the three walk over to slides together. While Jenelle waits at the bottom, soaking up the sun in her leopard-print bikini, Nathan rides down with Jace on his lap. It's a picture-perfect moment, and hopefully, just a glimpse at what the future holds.

Check out the clip, and tune in for a new episode of "Teen Mom 2" on Tuesday, March 25 at 10/9c.