Ashley And Jenny's Whirlwind 'Real World' Reunion Tour: A GIF Recap!


You heard the woman!

It's been many weeks since Ashley was voted out of the "Real World: Ex-Plosion" house, but on last night's episode, her BFF Jenny's gravitational pull finally became too much for the firecracker to resist, and even though the better part of the cast would have preferred to never see Ashley again, she dropped on in, and proceeded to have a girls' night with her ol' partner-in-crime. San Francisco is still recovering.

As soon as Jenny zipped into a bright pink mini dress (and slathered on a hefty helping of deodorant), we knew she and her fellow wild thing had big plans in mind. They had some fun out at the club, but the real magic happened while they were just catching up, and between some potent quotables ("Winnin', shinin'...") and a wobbly goodbye kiss, their status as proud party girls was firmly cemented. Take a look at the long-overdue reunion in GIFs!


Jenny freshens up for the big night out.


Ashley's thrown off by the latest house gossip.


Jashley live it up like old times.


Jenny proves yet again that she's the ultimate dancing queen.


Back at the house, Ashley's affirmations get the preacher treatment from Jenny.


The girls are caught off guard when they hear the housemates arrive.


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