'Real World' Poll: Can Jay Stick To His Promise And Stay Committed To Jenna?


It appears that change has made its way to the "Real World: Ex-Plosion" house. Maybe.

After avoiding a "boyfriend" title for more than a year-and-a-half, Jay finally gave in during tonight's episode and asked to make things official with Jenna. She gleefully accepted his proposition, but it didn't come without a round of heartache first, as rumors continued to spread that Jay was flirting with other women and giving out his number. So, will the man famous for his player tendencies be able to keep things in check now that he's promised to clean up his act?

After admitting to cheating on Jenna during last week's episode, Jay was faced with the real possibility that his relationship might be over. Jenna, who'd previously struggled to make her voice heard, was forthright about her disappointment, and really considered breaking up with him. And the suffering couple's problems certainly weren't helped when Jamie mistakenly told Jenna that a girl had left a message for Jay on the house phone (the caller had actually been looking for Jamie).

Jay finally got through to Jenna when he insisted that things were now different, and that he wanted to keep the love alive, but in an episode that also found him hitting on a bartender, can his words be taken at face value? Watch him plead his case in the "Real World S#!t Show," and tell us what you think: Can Jay be the faithful boyfriend that Jenna wants?

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