Tyler Hoechlin Reveals His Favorite 'Teen Wolf' Acting Experience [Video]


Scoring a role on "Teen Wolf" is an actor's dream. Each and every individual in the cast is given the freedom to explore their craft, push their character's limits and sometimes even pen a script. And, of course, they get to make out with fellow hot people. And bite them.

For Tyler Hoechlin, who's been a part of the show since the very beginning, playing Derek Hale means serious business. Derek's not exactly famous around Beacon Hills for having a sense of humor, so Tyler is tasked with maintaining a superhuman intensity at all times, when, in reality, he's a truly sweet person with a smile that's guaranteed to make even The Grinch melt. We know this because Tyler recently swung by the office during a sufficiently craptastic day, and speaking to him was the equivalent of getting an injection of pure serotonin. But back to the acting thing...

After three seasons of playing stoic Derek Hale, Tyler has practically become one with his character, but that doesn't mean the job has become stale. In fact, when we asked him to recall his favorite scene to ever film on the series, it turned out to be a moment from a very recent episode. "That was the one time where Derek was not Derek," he says of the experience. "It was just no rules, do whatever you want, just go for it and we'll see what happens."

Can you guess what scene Tyler is talking about? Give it a shot, check out the interview clip for the answer and share your all-time favorite Derek Hale moment in the comments.