JWOWW's Baby Girl Gets Her First Pair Of Designer Shoes

JWOWW baby shoes
So small, yet so stylish.
She's not even born yet and Jenni Farley's daughter is already into designer labels! These teeny-tiny Michael Kors Mary Janes are a gift from the "Snooki & JWOWW" star's friend, Aimee, and one of the first schmancy items to populate the little girl's inevitable ever-growing wardrobe. Pop-to-be Roger Matthews might wanna start making some extra runs to the gym, because he's about to be outnumbered in his home by two very fashion-conscious ladies. Get in all the bro-time you can now, Rog...

With the birth of Jenni's baby only a few months away, the guidette is definitely keeping her eyes on the prize. It was only last week that she announced her intention to transform her shoe closet into a nursery, and will ya just look at the progress that's been made since? This certainly bodes well for her potential capabilities as a future PTA president.

Operation Baby Nursery in full effect.
Guess there's no limit to what you can accomplish when you trade partying for parenting. And it certainly gets the creative, non-alcoholic juices flowing! For instance, while some people might still be recovering from a St. Patrick's Day filled with green beads and brew, Jenni created her own pregnant-friendly way of ushering in the typically raucous holiday.

"For every one shot everyone took I ate a cookie and sipped strawberry seltzer. LOL," she shared on her website, along with the following pic of her looking pretty damn stylish in some comfy loungewear. "Literally ate 29 cookies made by my lovely friend, Kelli, and everyone got drunk and I just got fat."

Hey, if you ask us, you never need an excuse to eat cookies -- especially when you're snacking for two!

No green beer for JWOWW on St. Patrick's Day.
Photos: Jenni Farley's Celebuzz site