'Well Hung': Sexiest 'Are You The One?' Challenge Yet? These GIFs Speak To The Contrary


JJ and Jacy can't quite keep their footing in a lube-pool.

"You guys are about to get hit with the sexiest sex lube legally allowed in the state of Hawaii."

As soon as "Are You the One?" host Ryan Devlin uttered those words on last week's episode, we were sure we were in for a pretty steamy Getaway Challenge, but what resulted looked more like a vaudeville act that never saw the light of day. "Well Hung," in fact, turned out to be an exercise in unsexiness, and between the bits of goo that got lodged in Amber's bra and those that wound up in a pool beneath Jacy and JJ, the game was pretty much the opposite of any Fabio-fronted romance novel.

Like anti-Olympians, the show's remaining singles slipped, shook and squinted their way through the mission, in which they had to hang on for dear life while being drenched in ooze, and though Ashleigh and Joey came out on top, they'd probably be the first to say there were no winners this time around. Relive all the wiggling and wobbling, and should you need to stock up on any erotic products, be sure to look...elsewhere.


A lube-leak isn't really Amber's cup of tea.


Dre and Shanley slip off the rope like a couple of wet fish.


The ride gets a bit bumpy for Adam and Brittany.


Something up your nose, Ryan?

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