'Teen Mom 2' Poll: Do Leah And Jeremy Need Marriage Counseling?


During her first marriage, Leah often resented her husband Corey for his inability to open up, and while her second marriage to Jeremy began on a much more promising note, tension has been building between the couple throughout the past few weeks of "Teen Mom 2." On tonight's episode, the fit finally hit the shan when Jeremy slapped Leah with a piece of bacon as she pressed him to consider marriage counseling, and it became clear that things would only worsen between the two if they couldn't learn how to communicate better.

In this week's "Teen Mom 2 Featured Moment" clips, Jeremy explains why he was so resistant to therapy, and while Leah exhibits compassion and understanding, she doesn't stop short of pointing out his close mindedness and emotional limitations. "You don't have a sensitive side to you," she tells Jeremy, who then adamantly rejects her claim.

"You don't show me that sensitive side," Leah clarifies. "You feel like it's not manly if you show me that sensitive side."

Leah also doesn't tiptoe around comparing Jeremy's and Corey's communication issues, though she makes the important distinction that her relationship with Jeremy is built on a more solid foundation, and is worth fighting for.

Check out the videos, and tell us in our poll: Do you think Leah and Jeremy could benefit from marriage counseling?

Leah and Jeremy discuss their different views on therapy:

Leah and Jeremy break down The Bacon Incident:

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Photo: Michelle Crowe