'Are You The One?' Is ThisClose To 10 Perfect Matches! Which Two Couples Should Swap Partners?


If "Are You the One?" were a horse race, the contenders would be heading around the final bend and zeroing in on the finish line. On tonight's episode, the cast of 20 men and women correctly paired up eight perfect matches -- the most they'd ever nailed down -- but with only two Match-Ups left and no clear sign of which pairs are still off, there's still the potential for TOTAL AND UTTER FAILURE. It's time to break out the stress snacks, ladies and gents -- this is going to be a close call!

With the urgency of successful coupling at an all-time high, things were tense around the house, but when the group was given the chance to nominate any couple to send to the Truth Booth, they hit the nail on the head with Wes and Kayla, pinpointing their third sure twosome. At the Match-Up, the girls were tasked with picking the guys of their choice, and five more got things right.

The crew is so close to victory, and yet, so far. With only one switch-up away from $1 million, which four people do you think should do-si-do for the grand prize? Take another look at who wound up with whom tonight, and give us your best guesses!

Already paired:

Coleysia and Dillan

Paige and Chris T.

Kayla and Wes


Jessica and Ryan

Simone and Dre

Jacy and JJ

Shanley and Adam

Amber and Ethan

Brittany and Joey

Ashleigh and Scali