'Are You The One?' Poll: Should Chris T. Give Paige A Fair Chance?


Chris T. has made it clear-as-the-brightest-Hawaiian-day that he only has googly I-love-you eyes for one gal: Shanley. This is despite the fact that he and Paige represent a Truth Booth win and quintessential "Are You the One?" perfect pair that is now sadly sharing a Honeymoon Suite as little more than roommates. While Chris continues to pine for the self-proclaimed firecracker, he's barely giving his oh-so-patient match the time of day.


But what about SCIENCE?!

Chris and Paige's chemistry is undeniable, and while Paige is more than willing to give science a chance (remember the brief Scali/Paige/Chris love triangle?), the ever-loyal Chris simply won't budge. They say the heart wants what it wants, but Paige could be the key to a lifetime of happiness for Chris. Then again, there's also the fiery passion that comes with a Chranley pair-up, a relationship in which intense scuba smooches and tears run rampant. We'll give those two this much: They ain't boring.

So, should Chris consider Paige as a realistic romantic prospect? Vote in our poll, and catch a new episode of "Are You the One?" tonight at 11/10c!

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GIF: mtv.tumblr.com