'Teen Mom 2' Featured Moment: Kailyn Explains Why Her Mom Didn't Get A Wedding Invite


So far on Season 5 of "Teen Mom 2," we've barely heard a peep out of any of Kailyn's family members, and while it's not unusual for them to be out of the fold, it's particularly sad that she hasn't had a parent to support her through the stress of wedding planning and her second pregnancy. As we witnessed in past seasons, Kailyn never had a relationship with her father, and her mother's struggle with substance abuse prevented any type of genuine connection, which leaves Kail with only Javi's family -- whom she loves but doesn't fully connect with yet -- and her bridesmaids to lean on.

Luckily, Kail has a loyal, caring friend in her Maid of Honor, Peach, but a girlfriend can't take the place of a mother, and on tonight's episode, Kail broke down while discussing her decision to exclude her mom from the wedding. "I just feel like she hasn't been there for some of the most important things in my life, and I don't think that it's in anyone's best interest for her to be there," she told Javi right before the tears began to flow. "Don't, Mommy," little Isaac uttered softly when he saw her in pain -- and that's precisely the moment viewers' hearts split in two.


In the "Teen Mom 2 Featured Moment" below, Kail elaborates on her difficult choice not to invite her mom to her big celebration. "I feel like, for her, maybe the more she misses out on, the more she'll want to change or get healthy, but it's not really working," she says with a note of disappointment.

Javi admits that he pushed for Kail to reconsider, but ultimately, Kail knew in her heart it would have been a mistake. "I still want her to get better, and I still want her to get healthy, and I want her to be there for me, but as of right now, I just don't see that happening, and it hurts," she tells her husband.

+ Check out the video to hear more of Kailyn's reasoning, and share whether you think she made a smart judgment call.

Photos: Michelle Crowe