The Warrior That Walked Among Us: Allison Argent's Most Heroic 'Teen Wolf' Moments


Allison Argent is gone, but it bears repeating that, of course, she went down fighting. On last night's "Teen Wolf" episode, while Scott's pack urgently moved to save Lydia from the Nogitsune, Isaac, Allison and Kira found themselves at battle with the Oni, who, after an unfortunate role-reversal, wound up serving the dark spirit. Though the group of black-clad warriors were nearly impenetrable, Allison decisively took one down with an expert shot -- something nothing and no one but the Nogitsune itself had previously done -- but as she turned to take on another masked soldier, she found a blade in her gut. The huntress quickly fell into Scott's arms, where she'd eventually die.

As Allison took her last breaths, it suddenly occurred to us how much she'd grown over the years. Once someone who could only think to flee from the Alpha Wolf in Season 1, she'd since become irrefutably fearless, and when she was willing to stand up to the dreaded Nogitsune without a second thought, it was clear she had developed into a trooper through and through. Take a look at some of her bravest moments in Beacon Hills, and be sure to visit her memorial site to share your condolences.

Taking Down The Alpha: Before Allison and the group realized Peter Hale was capable of decency, he was just an Alpha Wolf out for blood, and after he killed Allison's aunt, Kate, and looked ready for more, Allison grabbed hold of her bow, took aim and set off a Molotov Cocktail in the wolf's hand that set him ablaze.

Not Playing Nice: When Derek's pack threatened to kill Lydia, whom they believed to be the Darach, Allison, Scott and Stiles battened down the hatches to protect her. Unfortunately, Erica made it inside, but Allison was ready for the Beta's tricks, knocking Erica right out with an expertly placed bit of poison.

Taming Mr. Tate: Unaware of the fact that the werecoyote he was hunting was actually his daughter, Malia, Mr. Tate stopped at nothing in search of the creature. When he finally trapped it, and was ready to put it down for good, Allison stepped in. Though her aim was off after her near-death experience at the Nemeton, she managed to pull it together enough to knock Mr. Tate out with a tranquilizer dart.

The Final Battle: If Goliath had stood in front of Allison here, she probably still would have put up a good fight. While the Oni tore into Isaac with their swords, Allison drew arrow after arrow and shot them at the cadets' chests, determined to stop them. Finally, she knocked one down and momentarily ended the madness, but soon paid the ultimate price for her efforts.

Rest in peace, Allison Argent. We're all a little less safe without you.