Dylan O'Brien Will Bring A Bit Of Stiles With Him To 'The Maze Runner' -- See For Yourself!


Dylan O'Brien as Thomas in "The Maze Runner," and as Stiles in "Teen Wolf."

Throughout much of this past "Teen Wolf" season, Dylan O'Brien's character, Stiles, has found himself trapped in his own body, a prisoner of the dark, trickster spirit known as the Nogitsune. And the storyline seems to be a truly proper fit for the in-demand actor, as when Dylan hits the big screen in September with a starring role in "The Maze Runner," you might just notice similar thematic elements in the script.

After the young man O'Brien plays, Thomas, ascends into a barren space known as The Glade, he realizes he and a group of other boys are completely and utterly stuck. In the trailer below, which was released during last night's tragic "Teen Wolf" episode (RIP, Allison...), Thomas and his fellow Gladers -- who have no idea where they came from or how they arrived at the small space -- try to learn as much as they can about the maze that surrounds them, which opens each day and closes each night. No one has ever survived a night in the labyrinth, which "runners" explore with the hope of finding a way out, but Thomas is determined to break out and make it back home -- wherever that is.

Watch the video, and be sure to check out "The Maze Runner" when it hits theaters on September 19!