Former 'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham Releases Video For New Song, 'Blowin'

Blowin cover

Farrah Abraham's new song is called "Blowin."

Good news for anyone who ever wondered if/when former "Teen Mom" Farrah Abraham would release new music following her 2012 album debut, My Teenage Dream Ended (the accompanying soundtrack to her memoir of the same name). Earlier today, Farrah uploaded a video for her dance-pop song, "Blowin." Featuring an appearance by her adorable daughter, Sophia, as well as live-action screen shots of her various social media pages, the video captures the true essence of the single mom.

TM Farrah Blowin 3.jpg

Farrah is a dancing avatar in her video for "Blowin."

Also in the video, Farrah takes time out to hang out with fans and let them snap selfies with her. Later, she is touched by their RTs and ongoing support.

TM Farrah Blowin 1

Farrah always has time for her fans.

Written and produced by the controversial "Couple's Therapy" cast member, "Blowin" expresses a message of female empowerment and strength, especially when bullies try to drag you down. For example, there are valuable lessons to be learned in lyrics like, "Let the hate stack up/Positivity push through," which is wisdom Sophia can definitely benefit from.

TM Farrah Blowin 2

Farrah and Sophia wear matching chiffon.

Watch the official video for Farrah's new song, "Blowin," and tell us if it blows you away.

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