Javi Marroquin Hits Up Instagram To Love On His Wifey, Kailyn

TM2 Javi fam

Happy times.

Through five seasons of "Teen Mom 2," we've all gained an incredible amount of respect and admiration for Kailyn Lowry; however, the young mother has no bigger fan than her own husband, Javi Marroquin. The airman has always been open about his feelings for his bride, like the time he lovingly tweeted a childhood photo of Kail, but Javi really outdid himself by posting a sweet, sensitive piece of Instagram PDA over the weekend. The smooch shot below was taken at the couple's wedding, and, alongside it, Javi wrote the following about his better half:

"We've cried, we've laughed, we've smiled. Every year you get older and every year you should be so proud of yourself for everything that you're accomplishing. This year has been great even with some bumps in the road. You're the only woman I want by my side. I love you to infinity and beyond."

TM2 Javi Kailyn

You may now kiss the bride.

Um, can someone grab us a tissue? Where can we find a Javi of our own?! A man who's not afraid to profess his innermost feelings in front of the entire world, and who also knows how to seamlessly weave in a "Toy Story" reference while doing so? SIGN US UP.

Photos: Javi Marroquin's Instagram, Kate Hedrick