'Teen Mom 2' Featured Moment: Nathan Explains Why He Snapped When Barbara Called Him 'A Liar'


Last week's episode of "Teen Mom 2" featured a pretty epic screaming match between Jenelle's live-in boyfriend, Nathan, and her mother, Barbara. Not only was it hard to watch, but it was also hard to understand, due to Barbara's overly colorful (read: fowl) language and thick New England accent.

It all started with Barbara questioning whether Jenelle paid all of the couple's bills and, if so, whether perhaps Nathan's intentions were more motivated by cash than love. While on the phone with each other, Barbara said, "He makes me very suspicious about money." This comment, of course, infuriated Jenelle, so she hung up. (We imagine it took Barb at least a good minute before she realized her daughter was no longer listening on the other end.)

In this "Teen Mom 2 Featured Moment," Jenelle and Nathan discuss their financial situation, laughing off Barbara's claim that Nathan's a freeloader. "My mom just assumes too much," Jenelle says. Unfortunately for the couple, those assumptions are usually for the worst.

"I think when I was a child, I probably lied a lot," Nathan willingly admits. "So now I hate anyone calling me a liar because I work hard [to prove I'm not]. I don't like speaking out of my ass anymore."

Knowing that, it's no wonder Barbara's accusations about Nathan's integrity set him off. "I try my hardest to be a good person and I try my hardest to be a respectable person. She was disrespecting [me] when she said I was lying and that I was using you, and it hurt my feelings because I'm not that type of guy."

Check out the video, and tune in to "Teen Mom 2" Tuesday at 10/9c to see if Jenelle can finally convince Barbara that Nathan's not a moocher.

Photo: Michelle Crowe