Charlamagne Tha God's Big Mouth Gets Him In Trouble On 'Bethenny'

CharBethCharlamagne Tha God's garnered much acclaim for speaking his mind, but even though his big mouth's earned him big bucks, earlier today he learned why sometimes less is more. When Bethenny Frankel invited an all-male panel (including C) to talk about monogamy on her morning talk show, "Bethenny," Tha God was on fire.

In the show clip below, the "Guy Code" expert speaks firmly on why he believes a one-woman man does not exist, and when happily married Finesse Mitchell disagrees, Char calls on a male audience member for some support. "Turquoise jacket, if Jennifer Lopez wants to give you some, you're not going to take it?" he asks the young man. "I'm taking it," the guy responds.

All would've been fine and dandy had he ended the discussion there, but...nope.

"Your girl should understand, because it's Jennifer Lopez," Char adds, pointing to the woman next to the guy, to which the guy reveals, "That's my mother."

The crowd bursts out laughing, naturally, but instead of Charlamagne putting his tails between his legs, he digs himself an even deeper hole. "You got a hot mom!" he shouts.


Check it out for yourself, and try not to squirm...GIFs: photobucket, welcome-into-myworld Tumblr