Watch The 'Are You The One?' Truth Booth Play Both Matchmaker And Heartbreaker [GIFs]


Chris and Shanley's connection was sadly doomed from the start.

Matchmakers and online dating services give single people a fighting chance to find true love, but what if landing your perfect match was as easy as stepping into a machine beside your potential partner and getting a thumbs-up or thumbs-down? On "Are You the One?," contestants have the luxury of entering the Truth Booth to determine if their crushes are meant to be, and whether they've left its doors happy or devastated, their reactions to the mechanism's verdicts have been pretty memorable.

Ever since the show's very first Truth Booth reveal, when confident couple Shanley and Chris were told "NO MATCH," there have been wild twists and turns, spiking with Dillan and Coleysia's positive ruling and plummeting with Paige and Chris' verification. From start to finish, check out the many emotional reactions the judgments have spawned, and tell us which has been your favorite so far.


Ethan and Jessica took their Truth Booth fail in stride.


JJ was a bit relieved when he learned Simone was not his match.


Jessica's a fierce competitor, but she didn't succeed in The Booth.


Dre and Ashleigh were shocked to find out it wasn't fate.


Dillan and Coleysia celebrated their one-way tickets to the Honeymoon Suites.


Chris tried to hide his disappointment when he was officially paired with Paige.


Ryan was truly devastated after he and Kayla got snubbed.