#FandomFriday: 'Fantasy Factory' Viewers Honor The Series' Finale With Raps And Sketches

Sure, art is subjective, but as far as we’re concerned, y’all’s work could brighten up the ceiling of the Sistene Chapel. Each week, we’re diving head-first into the Internet abyss to track down some of the best fan-made creations we can find, and if there’s something you’d like to submit on your own, tweet @MTVShowBlog using the hashtag #FandomFriday. Give us what ya got, future Warhols of the world!

Saying goodbye is never easy, but this rap, submitted to the "Fantasy Factory" Facebook page by Travis of West Allis, Wisconsin, really helped soften the blow of Rob Dyrdek's brainchild coming to an end last night. If the "FF" doors hadn't already been closed for good, Travis and his pals would have definitely earned a VIP ticket in!


Equally as impressive, Facebook user Alejandro submitted an original sketch of the whole "Fantasy Factory" gang, which captures the main players in their prime. There's normally nothing understated about Rob & Co., but the simplicity of the black and white art is pretty damn cool.


Adopting a more intimate approach, @AshNicole_Art submitted a portrait of Rob to the "Fantasy Factory" Facebook page through Instagram, which finds him looking rather contemplative. "Sorry the quality isn't that great," she wrote, but the apology clearly wasn't necessary. If our hands could craft something like this, we'd be doing back flips!