That's What You Said...About Whether Barbara Contributed To Jenelle's Heroin Addiction

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The honeymoon phase between Jenelle's boyfriend, Nathan, and her mother, Barbara, officially ended on Tuesday night's "Teen Mom 2" episode, when Barbara accused Nathan of being a moocher and he, in turn, cited her as a catalyst to Jenelle's heroin addiction. Looking back on the fight in a "Teen Mom 2 Featured Moment" clip, Jenelle said Nathan's claim was only partly true, and that her mother's negativity could have contributed to her downward spiral, but Barbara also helped save her life when times got really tough.

The possibility of a parent playing a role in addictive behavior certainly isn't a clear-cut debate, and viewers had a ton to say on the MTV Shows Blog and Facebook about whether Barbara instigated Jenelle's drug abuse. Take a look at what some opined, and be sure to share your own two cents.

"Parents can be held responsible for many things. It is up to the individual, however, how they choose to deal with the abuse." -- Angelica

"I think Jenelle is really trying to change her life around, but she doesn't need to blame her mom for her drug abuse. Barbara has been there for her through all of this." -- Leslie

"Barbara seems to need Jenelle to fail so she has a purpose. She's very immature and fuels the arguments between herself and her daughter." -- Lisa

"No matter what people say about Barbara, she always tried to keep Jenelle out of trouble, even if her words were often harsh." -- Tenaya D.

"People's addictions often stem from childhood issues. Clearly Barbara and Jenelle have a toxic relationship. Jenelle just wants to be loved." -- Alyssa G.

"Nathan was completely out of line. Jenelle is an addict, aside from mental issues with her bipolar disorder. Many things may have contributed to her heroin problem, but blaming her mother, who goes out of her way to support and help Janelle, is uncalled for." -- Natalie R.

Photo: Michele Crowe