'Teen Mom 2' Sneak Peek: Jeremy Slaps Leah With A Bacon Strip When Pressed About Marriage Counseling


Contrary to popular belief, the first year of marriage isn't all roses. Just ask "Teen Mom 2" newlyweds Leah and Jeremy, who've experienced more stress in the past several months than many couples do in a lifetime.

Throughout Season 5 of the series, we've seen these two struggling to mesh their different communication styles. Leah likes to talk things out while Jeremy usually tries to avoid confrontation, and with him working out of town for weeks at a time, the distance really takes its toll on their relationship.

Jeremy recently went on work leave after fainting on the job, which has enabled him to spend more time with Leah and the kids, but unfortunately, it hasn't exactly been a house-husband honeymoon. As Leah expressed to her friends in the past, Jeremy's been distant during his time at home, and in this sneak peek of Tuesday's new episode, she pushes for marriage counseling in order to better deal with any future conflicts. Not surprisingly, Jeremy is dead-set against the idea.

As the pair putter around the kitchen making BLTs for lunch, you can cut the tension with a knife, but Leah won't let the issue go.

"You've been acting funny ever since I brought up the counseling thing," Leah says to her husband, who tries to avoid the conversation at all costs. "I didn't bring it up because our relationship is bad. We'd be doing it to understand each other's feelings and make our marriage stronger."

While Leah's points are totally valid, she suspects Jeremy is reluctant to speak with a therapist because he thinks it'll somehow make him less of a man.

"I don't need Billy Bob in Charleston to tell me what we need to do in our marriage," Jeremy readily admits. Plus, he's not exactly stoked to be working out of town six days a week and then have to see a doctor on his one day off.

With Leah nearing the end of her rope, she eventually snaps when Jeremy playfully smacks her in the face with a strip of bacon. Probably not the best -- or most mature -- way to end an argument...

Check out the clip, and tune in to "Teen Mom 2" Tuesday at 10/9c to see if Leah can convince Jeremy to go to counseling.