Counting Down YOUR Top Five Picks For Best-Ever 'Fantasy Factory' Episodes


For every kid who aspires to become a famous filmmaker, there's Martin Scorcese, Spike Lee and countless others to serve as inspiration. For future tech pros, there's Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg. But for those who dread the very idea of growing up, Rob Dyrdek has proven over the years that being an adult and having fun aren't mutually exclusive, and ever since he opened up the "Fantasy Factory" in 2009, Peter Pan Syndrome has had a friendly, identifiable face.

Across six seasons, Rob and his faithful disciples, Chanel, Big Cat, Big Black and Drama, have staged an original musical, rap-battled an evil wizard and dueled with giant, inflatable dongs, just to scratch the surface. But tonight, the utopian warehouse will officially close its doors for good, marking one fewer place in corporate America that doesn't require the likes of suits and ties for business meetings. Sigh. It's enough to make you want to eat your feelings at the butt-breaking buffet...

To properly honor the best of Rob & Co., we reached out to fans of the show on Facebook and asked which moments they think will stand the test of time. Below are five unforgettable episodes we saw mentioned over and over again, and we have to say, they amount to a pretty solid list. Relive the greatest "Fantasy Factory" hits, and be sure to watch the series finale tonight at 10:30/9:30c!

The Skateboard Car"

During his quest to create a verifiable skateboard car, Rob had Drama test out one of his prototypes, but when he urged the reluctant stuntman to gun it over a ramp, Drama's head nearly snapped off, and the bobblehead-like shake that resulted had fans howling with laughter.

The Bleeding Frogs"

The usual music style around the Fantasy Factory leans toward the hip-hop world, but in this episode, Rob and his crew decided to take on rock -- and take it on hard. Between experimenting with skinny jeans and KISS-esque wigs, The Bleeding Frogs worked their way up to a Warped Tour-worthy production, and their eventual performance was simply golden.

Project Man Dime"

Like cars, people can benefit from a small tune-up every now and again, and to bring out Drama's true "Man Dime" potential, Rob arranged a surgery to make Drama's teeth a Perfect 10. Rob called the eventual result a "piece of art," but the real beauty here was watching Drama's lips swell while he was in the dentist's chair, and seeing Rob and Big react.

Chunky As Charged"

To help Big Black reconnect with the world's curvier women, whom he felt guilty about abandoning with his clothing line's limited T-shirt sizes, he enlisted the likes of Rob's Bobby Light, and turned him into Blobby Light. Blobby's resultant "Chunky as Charged" video was an ideal bit of advertising, and we wouldn't be surprised if Big Black's new apparel sold out within hours.

Dodging Devil Donkeys"

Let's not beat around the bush: Everyone soiled themselves when they watched Chanel get nailed in the face with a rubber ball...twice. Of course, the easygoing beauty brushed off the pain with a giggle.