'Teen Mom 2' Featured Moment: Jenelle Thinks Barbara Was Jealous Of Her Relationship With Nathan


On the last episode of "Teen Mom 2," Jenelle's mom, Barbara, unleashed a fury -- and her thick New England accent -- on a new target: Jenelle's boyfriend, Nathan. However, the part-time model proved a worthy opponent when he retaliated by calling Barb's parenting skills into question, even accusing her of contributed to Jenelle's heroin addiction.

Needless to say, the argument didn't end well. Barbara left her daughter's house in tears, Nathan pouted in the kitchen and Jenelle appeared at a loss while she lied in bed, trying to recover from her appendectomy. After Jenelle and Barbara seemingly made so many strides in communication over the past several weeks, it was sad to witness the blowup, but, as Jenelle surmises in the "Teen Mom 2 Featured Moment" below, perhaps there were outstanding circumstances leading to her mother's particularly prickly demeanor that day.

In the clip, Jenelle explains how, at the time, Barbara had been struggling with her own personal issues. Her husband, Mike, had moved out, and she'd been dealing with the loneliness with only a toddler in the house to comfort her.

"She feels like she has only you and Jace now," Nathan says. "And Jace is only four years old, so it's hard to have an adult conversation with him."

Jenelle agrees, and then offers an additional possibility for Barbara's cynicism towards her and Nathan's relationship. "I think she was jealous I was spending a lot more time with you and saw how happy you made me feel," she speculates, "and she might've been a little jealous of our relationship."

Check out the video, and tune in to "Teen Mom 2" Tuesday at 10/9c to see if Jenelle can convince Barbara to accept Nathan as an important part of her daughter's life.

Photo: Michelle Crowe