'Challenge' Poll: Will 'Duel' Experience Give Isaac And Aneesa The Upper Hand On 'Free Agents'?


In the past, it's been tough to get through "The Challenge" without the support of a teammate, but on the upcoming "Free Agents" season, it's every man for himself. The game is unlike any that's preceded it in that half of those sentenced to elimination rounds will be decided by complete chance, but as for the element of solo play -- which is unusual but not unheard of -- there are two Challengers who know how it's done: Isaac and Aneesa.

On "The Duel 2," which aired in 2009, players were on their own, and each mission's winner started a selection ceremony in which competitors would alternate picking someone of the opposite sex to spare from The Duel until there were only two Challengers left, who were doomed to square off at the feared battleground. Isaac put up a good fight, but was ousted by Landon about halfway through the game, and after powering through three elimination rounds, Aneesa ultimately took a third-place finish in the final behind Rachel and Brittini. Neither has yet won a "Challenge," so expect both to be hungry for that W when the show premieres on April 10th.

+ What do you think -- will Isaac and Aneesa have the upper hand in "Free Agents" based on their previous experience? Sound off!

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Photo: Ian Spanier