'Real World' Poll: Should Hailey Cut Her Losses And Go Home?


Guess Thomas isn't a liar! From the moment his ex-girlfriend, Hailey, moved into the "Real World: Ex-Plosion" house, he's urged his fellow cast members to tread softly around her, insisting she's not as sugary sweet as she seems, and on tonight's episode, she definitely proved him right. When Hailey grew fed up with her former flame's cold shoulder -- and his requests for her to leave -- she flipped out, delivered a mammoth backhand and verbally eviscerated him. Thomas' current girlfriend, Jamie, pointed out that he probably deserved it, but if Hailey's so hurt, shouldn't she just pack it in and spare herself more anguish?

Though tension between Thomas and Hailey had been building for some time, things finally exploded when, after a heavy night of drinking, Thomas began to malign the exes, whom he held responsible for all of the house's drama. Unable to swallow her frustrations any longer, Hailey bit back, arguing that she had just as much a right to be in the house as Thomas did, and that he would have never been cast without the draw of their relationship history.

Hailey called her godmother after her breakdown for support, and though she said it would be smart to just cut her losses and go home, she felt somewhat compelled to stay, if only to spite Thomas. Whaddya think -- is it time for her to ship out, or should she put on a brave face and hang around?

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