JWOWW Makes Her First Motherly Sacrifice, Turns Shoe Closet Into Baby Nursery

JWOWW Subway

Move over, Jared. There's a new Subway fanatic in town!

Jenni Farley has a million things to do in preparation for the upcoming birth of her baby, yet the "Snooki & JWOWW" star is keeping her energy up, thanks to a hefty helping of footlong sandwiches. Along with a recent pic of her face lovingly Photoshopped in place of Jared Fogle's, the expecting mom, who's little girl is due in July, made a case on her website for a certain food chain to use her as their new spokeswoman. "Subway should hire me to replace Jared LMAO!" she posted. "I seriously live there at this point. I've become so obsessed since I've become pregnant! #judgementfreehaters."

A well-fed JWOWW is a happy JWOWW, right? After all, without the necessary fuel, she wouldn't be able to tackle one of the biggest items on her to-do list: turning her shoe closet into a nursery.

JWOWW Nursery
Trading spaces: Goodbye shoe closet, hello nursery.
Though Jenni is understandably sad to pack up her private oasis, she's stoked to make room for bigger and better things -- okay, maybe more like smaller and better things. "RIP to my favorite rooms... Jack and Jill is almost broken down for the nursery and playroom for my little princess!" she wrote.

One thing's for sure: Baby Mathews will have a crazy-awesome -- and very PINK -- wardrobe to play dress-up with when she gets older. Though she should probably take a few lessons from Mom on how to walk in 5-inch heels first...

Photos: Jenni Farley's official website