Dennis Haskins (a.k.a. Mr. Belding) Takes Our Ultimate 'Saved By The Bell' Trivia Test [Video]


Bayside's snazzy principal, back in the day.

Last month, we got wind that Dennis Haskins would be in New York City for a cameo in the "Saved by the Bell" stage production, "Bayside! The Musical!," so we jumped at the chance to invite ol' Mr. Belding to our studio for a huge dose of nostalgic fun. Fortunately, Dennis was game for anything, including a little "SBTB"-themed trivia that could stump even the biggest '90s sitcom fan.

In the video below, we flip the script on Mr. B's famous catchphrase and ask him to tell us, "Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! What is going on here?" in several of "SBTB"'s classic scenes. From Mrs. Belding's early labor in the elevator to Zack and Slater's testosterone-fueled fight on school grounds, the man who played Bayside's proud principal 20 YEARS AGO remembered quite a bit without the slightest hesitation. Perhaps he's caught a few reruns on MTV2?

Check out the game to see if you can beat Belding's score, and watch "Saved by the Bell" reruns weekday mornings from 9a/8c-11a/10c and Saturday mornings from 4a/3c-7a/6c on MTV2!

Photo: NBC/Getty