Battle Lines Will Be Drawn Between The Original 'Ex-Plosion' Housemates And Their Former Flames [Sneak Peek]


One might say the introduction of the "Real World" housemates' exes this season was akin to a proctological exam (uncomfortable yet...necessary), but on the show's next episode, the relationship between old and new blood will evolve from uneasy to straight-up hostile. Thomas, who's been on edge with his ex-girlfriend Hailey since she moved in, finally explodes in the sneak peek below, and though his aggression is initially focused directly at Brian, his venom soon turns to the exes at-large.

"Understand that y'all showing up f***ing ruined this entire thing, bro," a flustered Thomas cries out. "I want all of y'all gone." When Brian, who at first stays calm in spite of the yelling, insinuates that Thomas' bellyaching is childish, Cory jumps in and looks ready to knock Jenny's former flame out. "If Brian doesn't get his ego in check right now, I'm gonna have to put him in check," he says. Oddly, Brian finds a single ally in Jenny, who adopts his Buddha mentality. Guess there were no hard feelings about those roundhouse kicks?

Watch the clip, and see if the divide widens between the housemates tonight at 10/9c!