'Are You The One?' Poll: Should Kayla Have Kept Quiet About Ethan's Kiss?


Generally speaking, it's girl code to rat out a guy who's been unfaithful, but in the "Are You the One?" house, it takes time for contestants to narrow down their perfect matches, and dating around is, consequently, unavoidable. On tonight's episode, though, after getting riled up during an argument with Ryan, Kayla decided -- without any provocation -- to tell Amber that her perfect match, Ethan, had "aggressively" kissed her at one point in the past. She wasn't clear about whether it happened before or after he and Amber started things up, or if he pursued her deceitfully, but either way, the news opened up a huge can of worms.

As soon as Amber heard the story, she was naturally devastated. She said she hated looking like a fool, and though other folks in the house were still scrambling to find their better halves, she and Ethan had been a solid team for weeks. Ethan dismissed Kayla's mud-slinging completely, insisting it was baseless and out of context, and soon, Amber, like the rest of the cast, told her off, too.

Though Amber and Ethan found themselves side-by-side once more at the Match-Up, Amber harbored a bit of doubt for the first time, and told host Ryan Devlin that she and Ethan had some issues to sort through. Alas, it appeared as if Kayla's dredged-up account had put an end to the couple's honeymoon period.

+ What do you think -- should Kayla have kept quiet? Take our poll, and read more about her confrontation with the housemates at MTV Act.

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