Mr. Belding Is A Social Media Master! Here Are The 'Saved By The Bell' Principal's Top Twitter Tips [Video]


Eight out of ten millennials frequently use Twitter, and we're pretty sure that NOT A ONE ever asks their parents for advice on how to attract followers. However, not all middle-aged folks have their heads in the clouds when it comes to social media. With over 30k followers and quite the active timeline, Dennis Haskins -- A.K.A. MR. BELDING FROM "SAVED BY THE BELL" -- has got tweeting down to a science.

The actor, who played Bayside High School's principal throughout the iconic sitcom's run, swung by our studio recently to take the ultimate "SBTB" trivia test, and to chat about some of the most common mistakes people (not excluding himself) make in 140 characters or less. From picking the perfect Throwback Thursday photo to handling your haters with dignity, Mr. B has all the answers (didn't he always?), though some he learned the hard way. For instance, that one time he congratulated former co-star Mario Lopez on executing his second child...

Check out Mr. Belding's Twitter Tips to learn how to recover gracefully when you forget to proofread, among other must-know social media wisdom, and catch more of him weekday mornings from 9a/8c-11a/10c and Saturday mornings from 4a/3c-7a/6c on MTV2!