The 'Awkward.' Ladies Are Stepping Up Their Sass Game In Season 4 -- Check Out The New Trailer!


When "Awkward" returns for Season 4 in April, Jenna Hamilton and her Palos Hills pals will officially rule the school as the rightful senior class, and though figuring out how to navigate this uncharted territory will lead to plenty of confusion and calamity, you can definitely rely on the crew -- particularly its women -- to offer up even more Grade-A zingers than ever before.

In the new trailer for the upcoming episodes, Jenna throws her whole self into repairing the damage she's done to her grades (and reputation), while BFF Tamara and her boyfriend, Jake, struggle to remain in sync after a few snafus (is there another breakup in their future?!). Plus, as if sorting through existing social troubles weren't enough of a challenge, a certain new girl will have the guys drooling -- and the girls completely out of sorts. As Sadie Saxton compassionately points out, "Must make you wanna kill yourself. Better luck this time!"

Watch the video, and hang tight for the "Awkward" premiere on Tuesday, April 15 at 10/9c!

An oldie but goodie for Sadie:


Tamara isn't keen on Jake's new songs:


A champagne cork to the face? No trouble for J-Town:


Tamara senses some resolve in Jenna, who tells off Matty: