Khylin Rhambo Of 'Ender's Game' And Mason Dye To Play Two New 'Teen Wolf' Lacrosse Stars


Get ready! These two are about to rule the lacrosse field.

Our "Teen Wolf" mainstays have their plates full lately venturing into Stiles' subconscious and fending off dark, mythical creatures, but they better sort that stuff out quickly, because once they return to Beacon Hills High School (or, if, we suppose...), two new students will be ready to pounce on the lacrosse team's starting spots. Khylin Rhambo of "Ender's Game" and Mason Dye of Lifetime's recent "Flowers in the Attic" adaptation will join Season 4, according to E! online.

Rhambo will take on the role of a funny, gay freshman named Mason, the site says, and Dye will play a teammate named Garrett. "Man of Steel" star Dylan Sprayberry, who will also join the tight-knit crew next season as a definitively cocky jock, was quick to congratulate his fellow cast members on the announcement. "Can't wait to start filming with my bros! @MasonDye_ and @KhyRhambo on @MTVteenwolf! It's about to go down!" he tweeted. Man, the BHHS vets better watch their backs -- these guys are already tight.

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Photos courtesy of @RhamboKid and @MasonDye