Peter Hale Is Malia's Dad?! How's THAT 'Teen Wolf' Twist Gonna Work?


Suffice it to say, there is really no traditional, nuclear family on "Teen Wolf," and the nearest white picket fence is miles away from Beacon Hills. The Argents are werewolf hunters, Melissa McCall plays nursemaid to her True Alpha son and his supernatural friends, and the Hale Family is straight out of a soap opera, its latest shocking revelation being that PETER IS MALIA'S DAD.

A few weeks back, Peter promised to help Lydia harness her banshee power in exchange for information that was trapped inside his dead sister's claws. With some assistance, Lydia was able to hear the claws assert that Peter had a daughter, and later, she and Allison uncovered the child's identity with some expert detective work.

On tonight's episode, after Peter helped Lydia once more by recommending she and Scott explore Stiles' mind to potentially save him, she repaid Peter by divulging that Malia is his daughter. So, now that everything's out in the open, will the two lone wolves (or, lone wolf and lone coyote, more accurately) bond over their similar free spirits? Or, will Peter show the same amount of loyalty to the teen that he has to most everyone else: none at all?

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