Before Tonight's 'Ain't That America,' Check Out Some Of MTV's Shadiest Pranks Ever


There are three essential steps that go into executing the perfect prank:

1. Choose a gullible and unsuspecting target.

2. Carry out the plan of action while capturing it all on camera.

3. Share the video with the Internet-at-large, and pray it finds its way onto an episode of "Ain't That America."

On tonight's "ATA," Lil Duval and Co. will honor some of the everyday folks who followed these steps accordingly, but, as a warmup for the master scheming that lies ahead, we've gathered together some of the most triumphant trickery in MTV history. From "Punk'D" to "Jersey Shore," take a look back at the greatest WTF hijinks to ever hit the network.

"Jersey Shore," Inside-Out Shore House

Across six seasons, each and every housemate participated in at least one prank, but there's no question that Pauly D and Vinny pulled off the craftiest of them all. While the rest of the crew was away on a camping trip during Season 5, the two best buds conspired to turn their entire summer rental inside-out. The looks on the cast's faces -- Sitch's, in particular -- when they returned home to find their shoes, dressers, Crocadilly, etc. on the deck were absolutely priceless. Nothing like a little feng shui to cause a major freakout!

"Jersey Shore," Paula's Not-So-Sweet Dessert

In terms of quantity, Mike won the title of Biggest Seaside Heights Prankster. However, when it came to quality, his ex, Paula...took the cake. After giving her the relationship-title runaround for more than one summer, Sitch finally got a taste of his own medicine -- which tasted somewhat like another man's sack.

"Jerks With Cameras," Baby-Daddy Drama

In this new MTV series, comedians prank complete strangers and capture it all on camera. Perhaps the most memorable stunt so far was when Danielle walked up to several unsuspecting men on the street, and accused them of fathering her unborn child. Now that'll get a guy's attention!

"Laguna Beach," The Boys' Bloody B&E 

Speaking of classics, here's a blast from the past. On an episode from the show's second season, one girl's night turned into a gory horror movie when the boys took a page out of Jason's book.