'Are You The One?' Poll: Has Ryan Found His Perfect Match In Sensitive Jess?


Shanley's blowup with Simone tore the "Are You the One?" house apart, but, ironically, it may have also thrust two contestants closer to their perfect matches. While the hard-headed women were at war over the Truth Booth deliberation that sent Chris T. to the Honeymoon Suites with Paige, Ryan found Jessica crying, and as he tried to comfort the born-again virgin, he realized they shared a connection over their sensitive inclinations. Could he have finally found his one and only?

For weeks, Ryan has been fixated on the blunt Kayla, who's had her sights set on both him and Wes, but it wasn't until Ryan had a heart-to-heart with Jess that he seemed to slow down and really speak his mind. Granted, he eventually left Jess' side to reconcile with Kayla, but at the Match-Up, Jess couldn't deny her feelings for Ryan, and ultimately chose him as her new perfect match. "I honestly think that [Ryan and Kayla] fight way too much for the time that they've known each other," Jess told host Ryan Devlin. Could she be right, and was it smart for her to make such a bold move?

+ Tell us what you think -- when it comes to Ryan and Jess, do you see a good fit? Take our poll!

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