Five Scathing Judges Critiques From The 'House Of Food' Trailer


Good chow brings family, friends and even strangers together, but MTV's "House of Food" won't be such a chummy affair. The network's new competition show, which premieres March 31 at 10/9c, will pit a group of aspiring chefs who have minimal experience against each other for one grand prize, and though there won't be any drama surrounding eliminations (the contestants will share a house throughout the entire season), the cast will catch plenty of flak from their trio of esteemed mentors/judges.

"Top Chef" runner-up and Hudson House Executive Chef Brooke Williamson, Casey Lane of the Tasting Kitchen and Waterloo & City's Brendan Collins will guide the eight novice cooks through a series of lessons and corresponding challenges, and though some competitors will rise to the occasion, others will get tripped up and chewed out for missteps like improper dough-making and unsuccessful food truck management. One ultimate winner will earn a HUGE apprentice opportunity at a big-name Los Angeles establishment, but the trophy certainly won't come without some tough love.

Watch the trailer for a first glimpse at the competition, which contains these impressive insults:

Casey Lane gets straight to the point:


And he does it again!


Brooke Williamson ain't got time for ego:


Brendan Collins runs through hygiene best practices: