Don't Wake Daddy! Jionni LaValle Passes Out In His Son Lorenzo's Crib [Photo]


Lorenzo's never had to compete for mattress space before. What gives!?

Typically, parents are forced to yank their kids into consciousness on lazy Saturday mornings, but this past weekend, Snooki caught quite a role reversal on camera. Though little Lorenzo was very much up and at 'em in the a.m., his dad couldn't quit catching Zs, and whether it was because his own bed was already made, or he got bored of napping on the couch, Jionni wound up passed out in 'Enzo's crib while his son fended for some room to stretch out. Uncle Pauly D (a.k.a The Human Alarm Clock) could have come in handy right about then.

"Good morning! Happy Saturday from my boys!" Snooki posted to her Instagram account. Though light's beginning to creep through the windows, Jionni is undeterred from his voyage through dreamland, and Lorenzo, whose only competition for crib space so far has probably been stuffed animals, seems completely caught off guard by the shuteye. Someone tell The Sandman he's doing it all wrong!

Photo courtesy of Snooki's Instagram