MTV Twitter Roundup: Jenny Delich's Childhood Photo Foreshadowed Her Recent 'Ex-Plosion'


Jenny's "Kill Bill"-worthy roundhouse kick on Wednesday's "Real World: Ex-Plosion" episode seemed to catch ex-boyfriend Brian by surprise, but if he'd taken a single look through her old photo albums during the couple's five-year relationship, he couldn't have said he didn't see it coming. The housemate famous for keeping hot dogs in her purse tweeted a #TBT pic yesterday that found her shooting an onlooker one seriously sassy look, and appropriately captioned it "Watch yo mouth boy." Perhaps Brian should consider scrapping the b-word from his vocabulary...

Elsewhere on Twitter this week, Adam of "Are You The One?" was completely caught off guard by Kayla's snarky comment, but trying to order a pizza while Arielle twerked was nothing new for Ashley on "Real World." And though Pauly D felt at odds with Oscars voters, Molly Tarlov of "Awkward" remained a loyal member of the Beyhive by adding a twist to one of Beyonce's latest songs.

See what some of MTV's best and brightest had to say, and re-watch Volcano Jenny erupt!


Photo: @JennyCDelich