That's What You Said...About Which 'Teen Wolf' Girl Stiles Should Go For (Er, If He Survives)

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Yes, at the moment, Stiles' brain is occupied by the chaos-breeding Nogitsune, but as he demonstrated during a recent stay at an insane asylum, his body's still overflowing with typical adolescent hormones. "Teen Wolf" newbie Malia, who had only recently transformed from her werecoyote state back into a human, seemed to win his heart -- at least temporarily -- while the two searched for clues about the dark spirit. But is Stiles forgetting about something? Like...we don't know...his first (though unrequited) love LYDIA?!

Stiles' feelings for Malia manifested as quickly as lightning, but they seemed to be sincere, and when we asked fans whether Malia or Lydia was better suited for him (you know, if he does survive the season and manages to expel the Nogitsune), they flocked to the MTV Shows Blog and Facebook to deliver their answers. Check out some of the comments, and keep the conversation going!

"Stiles and Lydia don't need a relationship purely based on sexual tension or desire to work. There's more to love than just sex. They have a connection, a real strong, emotional, withstanding connection." -- Stilinskified

"Malia and Stiles had so much chemistry, it made me love the show even more. Malia and Stiles all the way!" -- Brianna

"While I really like both Lydia and Malia, I don't think they're truly romantically compatible with Stiles. I can totally see really good friendships forming between them, but I personally don't see anything where Stiles emotionally needs either Lydia or Malia." -- Gemma

"Malia! Lydia doesn't deserve Stiles after ignoring him most of his life. Until the supernatural came into their lives, she never knew Stiles existed." -- Travis H.

"Lydia! She needs to stop fronting, though, and leave the twin." -- Jasmine A.

"Stydia is forever! Stiles said to Lydia in Season 2 that he would lose his freaking mind if he lost Lydia because he loves her so much." -- Brittany