'Teen Mom 2' Bonus Scene: Leah Wants Corey To Face The Reality Of Ali's Medical Condition


Since the birth of their twin daughters, we've watched Corey and Leah work with -- and sometimes against -- each other to sort out Ali's health issues. After doctors recently informed the two that their daughter likely had Ullrich disease, they encouraged the former "Teen Mom 2" couple to enroll Ali in a specialized education program. Leah was all for the idea while Corey remained dead-set against it.

In this bonus scene from Tuesday's episode, Leah tries to connect with her ex before taking Ali to her follow-up appointment. After leaving a voicemail message for him, she sits down with her sister, Victoria, to express how frustrated she is at his lack of involvement. "I keep trying to get a hold of Corey, but I can't get a response from him," she says. "I need him to understand what's going on and come to an agreement with me. I can't just can't do something without him."

The doctor's visit will serve to test Ali's cognitive skills and developmental delays, and her score will decide whether or not she'll even be able to enroll in school. Leah doesn't want to make any major family decisions without Corey, but she can't keep waiting around for him to show up and participate.

"It's not that he doesn't care, because he loves Ali," Victoria offers. "But anytime something comes up, he's always got his head turned the other way."

Thankfully, by the end of the episode Leah and her husband Jeremy had met with Corey and his wife Miranda to maturely discuss a plan of action, and it seems the exes are finally starting to close the gap on their differing opinions. We'll find out if their attitudes stick throughout the rest of the season; for Ali's sake, we're hoping everyone involved can remain on the same page.