Little Aubree Houska's A Fashionista! Here Are The 'Teen Mom 2' Tot's Cutest Looks [Photos]

Chels and Aub

The mother-daughter duo love to match their animal print.

Aubree Houska might only be four, but the "Teen Mom 2" tot is already a budding fashionista. Luckily for fans, her equally stylish mom, Chelsea, has been documenting little Aubs' outfits since her first animal-print onesie.

For example, this morning Chelsea tweeted the pic below of her daughter sporting a daring multi-patterned ensemble, and we couldn't help but wonder whether the plucky pre-schooler has been following Fashion Week coverage: This look is TOTALLY "in" this season! Marc Jacobs would be proud.


"Wacky day at school...somehow she is actually able to pull this look off," Chelsea tweeted.

Chelsea's done a stellar job of passing her impeccable taste in clothing and accessories on to her little lady, and as a pat on the back, we've collected some of Aubree's cutest looks. Get ready for illegal amounts of adorable!


Aubree's neon stuffed animal perfectly complements her V-neck. That's some serious styling.


Nail art!


Technically, this was Aubree's Halloween costume, but we don't see why she can't wear it any other day.


The girl can even accessorize! Not everyone can work an oversized sequined bow like Aubree.


Everyone goes through a grunge phase. Aubree just experienced hers earlier than most.

Floral dress

We're sure no one looked better on the first day of pre-school than Aubree in this floral frock.


Look out, Tyra Banks, Aubree's already mastered the smize!


The Houskas live in an animal-print household, complete with matching dolls.


Eat your heart out, Zooey Deschanel! There's a new bespeckled beauty in town.


Who says ya gotta wear red and green to a X-mas pageant?

Photos: Chelsea Houska's Instagram