Whatever, Jack Handey! Brian's Deep Thoughts On 'Real World' Are 1000 Times Better [Memes]


The Buddha is known around the world for his swollen belly, but in San Francisco, he's got a six-pack. Ever since Brian strolled through the front door of the "Real World: Ex-Plosion" house with a single suitcase in tow, his thoughtful musings on everything from dating to workout regimens haven't relented. He's offered gym tips, tossed out relationship advice and even guided the guys through box-jumping the billiard room's raised bench, and done so with total conviction.

Jenny's ex has said he can't help his artistic and flowery prose, and you know what? We're pretty happy about that. Whether he's been angry, sad, confused, contemplative or all of the above, Brian has never -- and, conceivably, will never -- be at a loss for words. Take a look at some of his scene-stealing quotes, and if we missed your favorite, share it in the comments!

On seeking balance:


On modern-day advances:


On taking up hobbies:


On being fearless:


On dating as oceanography: